About Us


Bisme Islamic Radio based in Singapore is a well-accepted Islamic Radio and a non-profitable service catering to Muslims in Singapore and around the world. With its unique 24 hours round the clock service and with its diverse quality programs such as Islamic speeches, Islamic Songs, Quran recitations explained with Tarjumah and Tafsir in addition to Azan as per Singapore time schedule. Lately our Radio has achieved an excellent reach of 230,000 listeners across the globe from various countries with diverse backgrounds. Last year in 2020, our listenership has shot up by more than 200,000 and towards the end of last Ramadhan it has reached 410,000 globally.

It has been 4 years since we started our Bisme Islamic Radio to provide Islamic education, knowledge and guidance based on Quran and Sunnah to all age groups. With constant effort in providing carefully vetted quality programs, our listenership has been increasing gradually over the years. Our Radio has been a strong advocate of moderate Islam while emphasizing on inter-faith tolerance and religious cohesion. Clearing misunderstanding on Islam as well as promoting peace and harmony has been our key focus since the inception of our radio. Particularly in the current era of mistrust and prejudice on Islam, our Radio has played a pivotal role in clearing misconceptions of our faith to Muslims as well as to non-Muslims .  It has become our main motto to provide an excellent range of uncompromising quality programs though higher production costs have become inevitable for the high standards.

Over the years, our radio has not only served as an informative, educational and entertaining platform but also it has evolved as a service conduit in providing social services to our community needs. One such example has been our interactive online panel discussion programs addressing medical, educational, legal and financial aspects of our community. We have also started a community care call-in service to assist Muslims in distress to provide appropriate counselling and guidance to overcome their problems.

Alhamdulillah, today our Radio has emerged as a great success with global acceptance. Our service’s growth and success has become possible with Allah’s blessing and guidance. In moving forward, taking our service to next phase of growth, we need to keep providing better quality programs to our discerning audience and our team is working relentlessly to match or to exceed their expectations. May Allah help and guide us to serve more for our community Aameen Aameen Ya Rabbil Aalameen.

Members of Bisme Radio's
Program Advisory Committee (PAC)