1. Medjool Dates

  • Size: Medjool dates are huge and have a fibrous texture.
  • Color: Also, it comes in a reddish-brown color.
  • Origins: Medjool dates are majorly cultivated in Morocco, Palestine, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Taste: They are soft and sweet. 

2. Omani 

  • Size: Omani are one of the best varieties of dates which are generally large in size.
  • Color: Omani dates are dark brown in color.
  • Origin: As the name itself suggests that it originates from Oman, Middle East.
  • Taste: These are juicy and sweet in taste.

3. Piarom Dates

  • Size: Piarom dates are long, thin, and oval, which counts around 2 to 5 cm in size.
  • Color: Furthermore, they are semi-dried dates and have dark brown to black colored skin.
  • Origins: These are grown in the Persian Gulf and middle east areas.
  • Taste: Piarom has a unique sweet taste, which has some features of toffee and caramel.

4. Deglet Nour Dates

  • Size: Deglet nour dates are medium sized and narrow elongated oval shape.
  • Color: Further, the color of these dates is dark golden brown.
  • Origins: Its origin is oasis of Tolga and neighboring areas of Biskra & Oued Righ in Algeria.
  • Taste: Deglet dates are soft, meaty, and sweet.

5. Mazafati Dates

  • Size: Talking of different types of dates without mentioning mazafati is not so fair. These are sized from 2.5 to 4 cm.
  • Color: These have soft dark brown colored flesh. 
  • Origins: Moreover, mazafati dates are originated from Bam, a city in Kerman, Iran.
  • Taste: It has a soft taste of caramel, brown sugar, and chocolate.

6. Barhi Dates

Size: Barhi dates are small, 2 to 3-4 cm in length and diameter, and have around to oval shape.
Color: Barhi dates are yellow in color.
Origins: Its origin lies in Iraq.  
Taste: Barhi is the sweetest and creamiest date, which also somewhat tastes like caramel, butterscotch, brown sugar, and syrup.

7. Thoory Dates

  • Size: Thoory dates are sized from medium to large and are oblong in shape. 
  • Color: Also, Thoory date is among the types of khajur which has typical golden brown flesh.
  • Origin: They are famous in Algeria.
  • Taste: These are pretty dry, semi-sweet, and have a peanut like nutty flavour. 

8. Ameri Dates

Ameri Dates
  • Size: The size of ameri dates ranges from 12-22 grams and with an oval and elongated shape.
  • Color: However, they are light to dark brown colored.
  • Origins: Ameri dates have their origins in Iraq.
  • Taste: These are moderate sweet.

9. Dayri Dates

Dayri Dates
  • Size: Dayri are the types of dates that are sized from medium to large and have soft and red skin. 
  • Color: When these dates ripen, its skin turns amber from red and turns golden brown after being stored in.
  • Origin: They are originated from Iraq. 
  • Taste: Dayri dates are soft, heavy, and sweet in taste.

10. Halawy Dates

Halawy Dates
  • Size: Moreover, Halawy is a small to medium date fruit whose flesh is delicate and pale.  
  • Color: It has golden-brown skin. 
  • Origins: Halawy dates come from Mesopotamia.
  • Taste: Also, they are delighting, soft, and caramel-honey-like in taste.

11. Khudri Dates

Khudri Dates
  • Size: Khudri is one of the dates varieties that have flakes in the skin. It comes in both small and large sizes.
  • Color: These are dark brown in color with not many wrinkles on them.
  • Origins: Khudri is cultivated in Saudi Arabia.
  • Taste: These are moderately sweet, chewy, and not much dry dates.

12. Zahidi Dates

  • Size: Zahidi is also in our dates list which is medium-sized and oval in shape.
  • Color: Also, they have light brown skin with a thick, golden inner meat.
  • Origins: It was cultivated in Northern Iraq.
  • Taste: Also, they are nutty dates that quite tastes like peanut butter and some blend of dried apricots.

13. Safawi Dates

  • Size: Safawi dates are medium-size round in shape. 
  • Color: Safawi dates are dark black cherry in color with slight brown in them.
  • Origins: They grow in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Taste: Safawi are sweeter than khudri dates.

14. Amber 

Amber dates
  • Size: Amber is the largest of all the famous Madinah dates.
  • Color: Moreover, these are amber-color.
  • Origins: Amber dates have their origins from the Madinah region of Saudi Arabia.
  • Taste: These are soft and fleshy dry dates.

15. Kalmi Dates

Kalmi dates variety
  • Size: Also, kalmi are one of the variants of Safawi dates. They are small and cylindrical in size. 
  • Color: Kalmi dates are black in color.
  • Origins: These types of khajoor are from Oman but cultivated in Madinah.
  • Taste: Also, they are of the usual date flavor with enriched sweetness.