Ramadan 2022 is is here . And with Ramadan Bazaars and Ramadan Buffets once again being a part of the celebration, we’ve got so much to be grateful for. But if you thought that that was reason enough to rejoice, check this out. MUIS has announced that Terawih prayersQiyamullail (night prayers) and Iftar in mosques will once again resume!


1. Breaking of fast at the mosque

Imagine this: It’s close to Maghrib and the roads are jammed at the end of the day, with many rushing home to their families for Iftar. Eateries are packed with Muslims waiting for their food as well, and you’re not sure where to go. Fortunately, if you find yourself wanting to break your fast but not being able to get home, there’s no need to worry. Just head to a nearby mosque for your Iftar!

This Ramadan 2022, congregants who are unable to break their fast at home due to work commitments can head to a mosque for Iftar! Some mosques will be able to set aside an area away from the prayer area for Iftar. You may also perform your evening prayers (Maghrib) before returning to work! 

However, do note that you are strongly encouraged to break your fast and perform your maghrib prayers at home to prevent overcrowding.

2. Terawih prayers

Credit: Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) on Facebook

This Ramadan 2022, you can look forward to Terawih prayers! Just book your Isyak and Terawih prayers online: there will be a single booking window for the whole month of Ramadan, so you can simply head in to the system and book multiple times throughout Ramadan. Booking will start on 31 Mar 2022 at 10 a.m., with about 60,000 spaces available nightly. Do note that you are advised to plan ahead and cancel your bookings should you not be able to head to the mosque, so that others may get your slots.

Dedicated spaces for female congregants will also be made available at all mosques.

Make your booking here or via Muslim.sg app!

3. Qiyamullail (night prayers)

There will also be qiyamullail at selected mosques during the last 10 days of Ramadan. Mosques that are able to will also offer Tadarrus (daily Quran reading), Khatamul Quran and daily Kuliah (lectures). Not to worry if you aren’t able to make it that night, though! Selected kuliahs at mosques will adopt a hybrid format, with each session being made available online via SalamSG TV or the mosque’s social media platform. 

While no booking is required of qiyam sessions, to minimise the risk of community transmission, and to remain within the mosque’s capacity limits, prayers during Ramadan and Hari Raya Puasa will be conducted only within mosque premises. There will also be no sleepover or sahur provided at mosques, and sessions will end at 4.30am.

4. Zakat

This Ramadan 2022, zakat payment activities will also resume at each mosque’s counters. However, if you so wish to, you may also continue paying zakat and making donations via online means at Zakat.sg! You may also continue to donate to the centralised donation portal OurMasjid.SG to support mosque operational costs.

In addition, mosques will continue to support low-income households with the zakat donated during Ramadan.

 While limited religious services will resume during Ramadan 2022, MUIS still encourages Muslims in Singapore to spend time with their families at home. Those who are heading to the mosques for activities, do remember to wear a mask at all times and observe safe distancing measures. Read more about the regulations from MUIS here.